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A Windows program for storing YOUR secrets.
From user credentials, to banking information, to anything you want to save/organize.

Download The Program

Download The Program Data Indexer (additional tool to traverse through the secrets in a chronological order, i.e. in the order you saved them)

How To Videos Download/Installing
  • Click the Download link.
  • When download is finished, you may have to click 'Keep' or other on your browser.
    This is because this is a new program and your browser doesn't trust it (yet).
  • Go to where you downloaded the zip file 'tfymSecrets.zip'.
  • Open that zip file.
  • In the menu at top, choose 'Extract All' and then choose where you want the program to go
    (i.e. which folder), like the Desktop.
  • Go to that location and double-click the tfymSecrets program (there is no installation required).


  • Released to the public: Dec 12, 2016
  • If you experience any bugs, or would like to suggest changes, please let me know.


  • 20210814: Tool tfymSecretsIndexer upgrade: can now view history of a secret
  • 20210813: Added new tool tfymSecretsIndexer
  • 20210806: upgrade: added 'Hints' option on main menu. Can now supply multiple filters by surround them with double quotes. Can also negate filters by starts with '!'. Example: "dog" "cat" "!frog" (would find any secrets that contain "dog" and can, but only if it does not contain "frog"
  • 20201125: upgrade: can now add 'password hint', see Tools after login. To see hint, click the '?' on the Password screen
  • 20200404: upgrade: secret's value box now auto scrolls to top of box when selecting new secret
  • 20190901: upgrade: streamlined/sped up decrypting file. Adjust layout/movement of Copy This section when re-sizing window
  • 20190706: upgraded 'copyThis' option
  • 20190406: added copy text, and any other defined fields (like id/password/account #, etc), hide/show button
  • 20190216: sped up group listings when searching
  • 20180218: improved search filter typing response, increased Messages window, upgraded New User process
  • 20170124: adjust initial menu buttons layout
  • 20170122: confirms closing program if last secret not saved
  • 20170111: re-saving user (file) will save previous secret values as well
  • 20170111: if blank password, Encryption version not asked
  • 20170106: moved 'ignore groups' and 'find' to top menu
  • 20161225: added how to videos
  • 20161224: moved save/(un)delete buttons to top
  • 20161224: added re-save option, to change password and/or encryption version
  • 20161224: revamped opening screen to question/steps buttons
  • 20161219: added 'ignore groups'/'find'
  • 20161218: added encryption version 2
  • 20161218: clear secret when group changes
  • 20160806: program coding started

Screenshot 1: Main Menu

Screenshot 2: Secrets Demo

Technical Information (for those who want to get deeper into knowledge about the program)

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Encryption Formula - Version 1 Encryption Formula - Version 2 Contact:
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