Price: FREE
License: Creative Commons : Attribution (BY)

A Windows program for converting a PNG file into an ICO (icon) file.

Download The Program

  • Click the Download link.
  • When download is finished, you may have to click 'Keep' or other on your browser.
    This is because this is a new program and your browser doesn't trust it (yet).
  • Go to where you downloaded the zip file 'tfymPNGToICO.zip'.
  • Open that zip file.
  • In the menu at top, choose 'Extract All' and then choose where you want the program to go
    (i.e. which folder), like the Desktop.
  • Go to that location and double-click the tfymPNGToICO program (there is no installation required).


  • Released to the public: Apr 16, 2017
  • If you experience any bugs, or would like to suggest changes, please let me know.


  • 20170416: program released to public

Screenshot 1: Opening Program

Screenshot 2: Choose File

Screenshot 3: Convert File

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