Image showing an art piece called Leaning On Each Other by David Mielcarek on 20200820

Title: Leaning On Each Other
Created: 20200820 by David Mielcarek
Page Updated: 1/30/2021 10:40:27 AM
Type: Black White Drawing
Description: Our world works better when we look at each other as members, of those who can help us become better, and as those who enjoy when we help them. Here a group of famous cartoon characters lean on each other. Each representing the many facets of human society. From race, to gender, skin color, body type and so on. These individuals have learned wisely to lean on each other. They have also found that those who came before can teach vaulable lessons in improving how they currently do things. Famous images copyrighted, Minions (Universal Studios), Tweety (Warner Brothers), Tom and Jerry (Warner Brothers), Mickey Mouse (Disney), Bugs Bunny (Warner Brothers), Charlie Brown (Charles Schulz), South Park Characters (South Park Studios)