Image showing an art piece called The Price Of Technology by David Mielcarek on 20180321

Title: The Price Of Technology
Created: 20180321 by David Mielcarek
Page Updated: 1/30/2021 10:40:27 AM
Type: Painting/Color Drawing
Description: ...and it's hidden costs. Technology is being sold as a time saver, convenience, bling bling. People buy/use in hope of making their lives better. It seems at first that some do save you time, or makes things convenient. However, if you step back and evaluate all the new hardships you need to do, like paying money, fixing bugs, upgrades, viruses, crashes, finnickyness, eye strain, neck strain, strain between you and others because you focus on it rather than them, you soon find the cons often outweight the pros. Here a person is having an AI machine build the parts, do the work, but, at the same time, the person is chained to the technology.