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Image showing an art piece called Finally! by David Mielcarek on 20160115

Title: Finally!
Created: 20160115 by David Mielcarek
Page Updated: 10/31/2021 12:01:37 PM
Type: Painting/Color Drawing
Description: Military trains their recruits to be the weapon, shield for any purpose they see fit. Unfortunately, sometimes those missions are not good and their term collateral damage is a political way of saying that civilians, innocent people get killed. Here a bunny is only trying to gather some food to survive. The rabbit represents the civilians who are just trying to live when they are damaged or destroyed. There are many levels of implications in this one. From the red trail representing blood, to the way the picture is hard on the eyes (on purpose) to represent the complications of war, to the size of the GI compared to the bunny, showing how each soldier is just a small part of the whole. And even the night vision goggles are meant to look sad. Trivia: my son Ryan just graduated Airborne training in the army prior to this piece. His experiences were the inspiration for this piece.