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Image showing an art piece called Beauty Is In The Hand Of The Beholder by David Mielcarek on 20141110

Title: Beauty Is In The Hand Of The Beholder
Created: 20141110 by David Mielcarek
Page Updated: 10/31/2021 12:01:37 PM
Type: Painting/Color Drawing
Description: Unlimited numbers and variations of products are created to get people to realize their societal beauty. From changing hair color, wearing jewelry, stylish clothes and the long list of other things to alter an appearance. When in fact we are all original in our looks and as anything rare should be considered beautiful because of its rarity, we should all view our differences as a way to show off the amazing creation of life and the no mold fits one motto. From bumps, to flat parts, to big and small, each of us is the perfect look for who we are, not for others or the fake things that we sometimes coat around it.