Image showing an art piece called Lucky To Be Alive by David Mielcarek on 20210125

Title: Lucky To Be Alive
Created: 20210125 by David Mielcarek
Page Updated: 3/21/2021 11:03:48 AM
Type: Painting/Color Drawing
Description: Some people look at the things happening they don't like and complain about life, while others pick out the good things happening and cherish life. Here an octopus who has lost a tentacle to an attack, has glasses, a fish hook in it, hardly any food, and is being evicted from the ocean, is telling itself that it is lucky to be alive and wonders if it could share the little food it has. Giving itself a self award plaque for positive outlook. While a rich octopus nearby with plenty of food and things complains about the less fortunate one's luck to be happy.