Time for Your Mind 2 : Adventures with sister Googoo Read The Book

Timmy takes his sister GooGoo on an adventure inside their living room. Building a ship from sheets, and other stuff, Timmy and GooGoo fly to another planet with their co-pilot "IT".

Follow Timmy and GooGoo as they fly past Pluto, land on planet Kricly Tar. They meet new friends like Harry McFudd, Cotton Candy Goats, Flip/Flip and Flum and many more.

Time for Your Mind Read The Book

A story about Timmy. From his birth, he is introduced to sounds/colors/books. As he gets older, he learns to draw and write. Unfortunately, computer games come along and take Timmy and his friends away from imagination. How does Timmy do in the end? "Read the story and find out"