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A Windows program for storing YOUR secrets. From user credentials, to banking information, to anything you want to save/organize.

How To Videos Download/Installing
  • Click the Download link.
  • When download is finished, you may have to click 'Keep' or other on your browser. This is because this is a new program and your browser doesn't trust it (yet).
  • Go to where you downloaded the zip file 'tfymSecrets.zip'.
  • Open that zip file.
  • In the menu at top, choose 'Extract All' and then choose where you want the program to go (i.e. which folder), like the Desktop.
  • Go to that location and double-click the tfymSecrets program (there is no installation required).


  • Released to the public: Dec 12, 2016
  • If you experience any bugs, or would like to suggest changes, please let me know.


  • 20170124: adjust initial menu buttons layout
  • 20170122: confirms closing program if last secret not saved
  • 20170111: re-saving user (file) will save previous secret values as well
  • 20170111: if blank password, Encryption version not asked
  • 20170106: moved 'ignore groups' and 'find' to top menu
  • 20161225: added how to videos
  • 20161224: moved save/(un)delete buttons to top
  • 20161224: added re-save option, to change password and/or encryption version
  • 20161224: revamped opening screen to question/steps buttons
  • 20161219: added 'ignore groups'/'find'
  • 20161218: added encryption version 2
  • 20161218: clear secret when group changes
  • 20160806: program coding started

Screenshot 1: Main Menu

Screenshot 2: Secrets Demo

Technical Information (for those who want to get deeper into knowledge about the program)

Release Dates

  • August 6, 2016: First released to the public
  • Jan 11, 2017: Upgrades
    • When providing a [blank] Password, Encryption Version question will be skipped.
    • When Re-saving with a new Password or Encryption Version, now resaves all previous values for all Secrets. Before this upgrade, it would only save the latest value for each secret.

General Notes

  • The program uses non-standard encryption formula.
  • Each time a Secret is saved, the formula changes and so even if you save the same Secret over and over again, each save will be a different length, formula, etc.
  • There is no communication with the Internet within this program, i.e. it is not Cloud based, has no stats/verifications/or other outbound message to anyone/anywhere

Encryption Formula - Version 1 (code in c#)
    General notes on this formula: because the prepend/postpend bytes contain random lengths/values and these are used along with the Password, there is no place in the final encrypted value to 'brute force attack' the result, or create 'rainbow tables' against the values. The program also has no idea if your Password is correct or incorrect. It will unencrypt by the Password you provide and show the results. If your Password is wrong, you see the results wrong, i.e. the program cannot be used to try and 'find' the correct Password.
  • convert the Secret (i.e. Name, Group, Value) into a binary array
  • prepend a number of random bytes to the binary array, according to the size of the Password
  • combine all random byte values + Password byte values to produce a number, postpend that number of bytes to the end of the Secret
  • add the Random byte+Password byte+Secret byte to produce a new byte, for each Secret value byte
  • if byte is greater than 255, loop and decrease value until below 255
  • change all bytes in byte array into base 16 (code)(using letter from the site name 'TIMEFORYoUrmiNDt'), i.e. changing unreadable bytes into readable
  • re-run all security steps a 2nd time
Encryption Formula - Version 2 (code in c#)
    General notes on this formula: builds upon Version 1
  • (performs all of Version 1 steps first)
  • swaps (scrambles) the base 16 (code) bytes according to the Password. All bytes are scrambled, including the header/footer random ones.
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